Raw and obscure 45s from Moroccan record vaults reissued




Dust-to-Digital release incredible collection of North African 45’s from the golden age of Moroccan recording.

Kassidat documents the rise of the 7″ format among independent labels in the 50’s and 60’s, collecting music that combines the lyricism of contemporary street poetry with the driving rhythms and hooks emerging from the region following 44 years of French rule.

Dedicated to preserving and reissuing rare and essential recordings from around the world, Dust to Digital’s latest offering touches on a neglected scene made available to Western ears for the first time. While accompanied by extensive liner notes that speak of the label’s meticulous attention to detail, the music itself carries enough clout to inspire even the most unversed in Moroccan pop.

Kassidat – Raw 45s from Morocco is out now on Dust to Digital.



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