Joy Orbison and Overmono collaborate on new 12″, ‘Bromley’ / ‘Still Moving’



“Say it loud. Say it.”

Joy Orbison and Overmono (aka Truss and Tessela) are releasing a new 12″ via XL Recordings – ‘Bromley’ / ‘Still Moving’ – this November.

Its lead track,‘Bromley’, is named after the London borough where Overmono’s studio is located.

‘Bromley’ / ‘Still Moving’ follows Overmono’s Poly011 EP via their Poly Kicks label, while Orbison dropped a collection of “killer vocal loops” for Poly Kicks’ 50 Locked Grooves series as well as a new EP, Slipping, on his Hinge Finger imprint.

‘Bromley’ / ‘Still Moving’ will be released on November 22 via XL Recordings.


1. Bromley
2. Still Moving