Jon Hopkins celebrates 10 years of Immunity with vinyl reissue





The remastered edition is available this October. 

Jon Hopkins has shared a 10th-anniversary remastered edition of his fourth album Immunity.

Originally released in 2013, Immunity was a landmark release for Hopkins, bringing him to wider audiences with its more dancefloor-ready approach. It spawned major tracks including “Open Eye Signal” and its title track.

Whilst the remastered edition is now available digitally, the vinyl edition will be available on October 6.

Immunity was written between late 2010 and early 2012. I poured everything into it, taking so much care over every element,” Hopkins explains. “This record changed my life. I went from playing 500 cap venues to 5000 cap in less than a year. The whole thing was a whirlwind, and has since given me the freedom to follow any creative route that comes to me. Making and releasing it was a very special experience”.

The reissue is a purple double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Liner notes, a photo print artwork insert and a remixes download card are also included.

You can pre-order Immunity now ahead of its release via Domino.




Side A:

1. We Disappear – Remaster 2023
2. Open Eye Signal – Remaster 2023

Side B:

1. Breathe This Air – Remaster 2023
2. Collider – Remaster 2023

Side C:

1. Abandon Window – Remaster 2023
2. Form By Firelight – Remaster 2023

Side D:

1. Sun Harmonics – Remaster 2023
2. Immunity – Remaster 2023