Record store to clear 40,000 vinyl records with 50 cent sale




The end of Jerry’s Bargain Basement.

Legendary Pittsburgh store Jerry’s Records is planning to close its Bargain Basement with a massive three-week clearance sale.

As Pittsburg Post-Gazette reports, the 40,000-odd basement records will be on sale for 50 cents each. CDs are available for $1. The basement will be replenished as the sale goes on.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty, as owner Jerry Weber says these records “are just not screened as much” and some are duplicates.

The sale runs Friday to Sunday, over the next three weekends: June 17-19, June 24-26 and July 1-3.

Jerry will also be hosting giveaways of 10,000 albums over the next few months. We’ll keep you posted on these.

Recently, Jerry sold a giant 700,000-strong collection of 7″s from the main store to a German buyer, which sparked fears that the shop is shuttering but Weber insists that he is buying new stock on a daily basis and has no intention to close doors.

Jerry also defied Record Store Day this year by giving away 20,000 records for free.