Jeff Mills unveils new high density metal vinyl stabilizer



Sound revolutions.

Jeff Mills’ Axis Records has revealed details and prototype images of a new limited edition vinyl stabilizer.

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Crafted out of high density metal, and limited to 100, each stabilizer will be numbered and laser engraved.


Stabilizers are designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations as your turntable’s needle tracks over a record. This can be caused by a number of factors from the record itself not sitting evenly on the deck, to movement of your sound system caused by people shimmying around it.

The stabilizer’s weight can also (temporarily) minimise the effects of warped vinyl.

An unmoving, uniform vinyl surface with minimal vibrations in turn allows for “more precision in the tracking of your needle, which also increases the tightness of the high and low frequencies and may result in a more clear sound.”

No release date has been announced – head to Axis Records for more info.