Jazz meets downtempo and soul on Ishmael Ensemble’s new 3×7″ series





Including a Yazz Ahmed collaboration.

Multi-instrumentalist and DJ Pete Cunningham is self-releasing a new vinyl series called Severn Songs under his Ishmael Ensemble alias.

An ode to Cunningham’s hometown of Bristol and its surrounds, Severn Songs sees Cunningham step out of his solo work at the helm of a new band.

Severn Songs 1 will be released 29th June, including followed by the release of Severn Songs 2 in October, and Severn Songs 3 – featuring trumpet stylings by Yazz Ahmed – in December.

Pre-order a copy here, watch the celestial video for first single ‘The Chapel’ and check out the track list below.


Side A

1. The Chapel

Side B

2. Full Circle