Jack White details plan to play first vinyl record in space





Third Man Records launch most ambitious stunt yet.

Jack White’s Third Man Records have announced plans to be the first to play a vinyl record in space.

Seeking to fulfill White’s long-held ambition, the label has built a custom “space-proof” turntable called “the Icarus Craft” which will be hoisted into the atmosphere attached to a high-altitude balloon.


As mooted in a teaser video last week, the record set to be played in space will be a gold-plated master of Carl Sagan’s single ‘A Glorious Dawn’, released on TMR in 2010. It will be the label’s 3 millionth record pressed.

The project will be launched at parties on July 30 at both Third Man locations in Nashville and Detroit, featuring live bands, exclusive merchandise, limited edition gold vinyl copies of the Sagan record, and more.


The Icarus Craft itself will be on display at the Detroit store, while the record will be viewable in Nashville.

Both parties begin at 11 a.m, and the pre-recorded launch will screen and stream online at noon. [via Pitchfork]