Obscure Italian library music from the ’70s and ’80s collected on vinyl



Submerge yourself in the cosmic electronics of Musica Per L’Immagine.

Fly By Night Music boss Lorenzo has compiled a new collection of obscure and hard-to-find Italian library music from the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Assembled from digging trips around Italy and Lorenzo’s own collection, Musica Per L’Immagine includes what the Peckham record store owners calls “some of the most interesting cuts I have collected over the years”. It spans the “entirely electronic ‘Nitrogen’ from Alberto Baldan Bembo’s Sound Orchestra LP on Star Track Records,” Italian TV soundtracks like ‘In the Space’ by French born composer Albert Verrecchia and “the wonderfully charming ‘Screw Driver’ by Fabio Fabor… featuring an orchestra of beautifully programmed ARP and Oberheim sonorities.”

Listen to snippets from the compilation above and pre-order it on double vinyl here ahead of its release on 30th June.

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