Ichiko Aoba soundtracks an imaginary film on Windswept Adan





Celestial vocals meet delicate guitar.

Japanese musician Ichiko Aoba’s Windswept Adan album is getting its first international vinyl release, via Ba Da Bing Records this December.

Created as the soundtrack to an imaginary film, Windswept Adan tells the tale of a young girl sent to the island of Adan, where there are no words.

Across its fourteen tracks Aoba combines her own gossamer vocals with delicate guitar compositions and ethereal soundscapes.

Originally released in 2020, Ba Da Bing Records’ release of Windswept Adan marks its first international vinyl release.

Pre-order Windswept Adan here in advance of its 2nd December release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Prologue
2. Pilgrimage
3. Porcelain
5. Easter Lily
6. Parfum d’étoiles
7. Kirinaki Shima
8. Sagu Palm’s Song
9. chinuhaji
10. Chi no Kaze
11. Hagupit
12. Dawn in the Adan
13. ohayashi
14. Adan no Shima no Tanjyosai

Photo by: Tony Wong B Huang