Hyperdub announces new album by Angolan producer Nazar





Warped electronics, Rough Kuduro dance music and field recordings that thread together the history of the country and his family.

Nazar is releasing a new album, titled Guerrilla, this March via Hyperdub.

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During Angola’s civil war, Nazar’s father was a rebel general, while his mother left to join the rebels at 16 – as a result, the family was forced into a prolonged period of separation.

Exploring both his personal history as well as the Angolan civil war, Guerrilla draws on what Nazar refers to as ‘Rough Kuduro’, a darker take on typically upbeat sounds of Angolan dance music.

Guerrilla also features field recordings ranging from the sounds of a gun being cocked to vocals of Nazar’s mother describing the day she joined the rebels.

The album follows Nazar’s 2018 debut EP, Enclave, which was also released on Hyperdub.

Head here for more info in advance of its 13th March release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Retaliation
2. Diverted
3. Bunker featuring Shannen SP
4. UN Sanctions
5. Fim-92 Stinger
6. Immortal
7. Mother
8. Arms Deal
9. Why
10. Intercept
11. End of Guerrilla