Grado unveils new line of high end audiophile cartridges



Handmade in Brooklyn.

After two years of development and redesign, Grado has updated its flagship phono cartridge series.

Housed in Australian Jarrah wood, Statement Series2 cartridges feature a fixed coil design with a low mass generating system that claims to be lower than that of any moving coil cartridge. The range also uses diamond cut technology, bespoke to Grado.

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Ranging from $350 to $3,500, the series features four models: Statement2, Sonata2, Platinum2, Reference2 and Master2. The latter two cartridges are installed with a boron cantilever. Find detailed specifications here.

“The low frequency information and its portrayal of bass dynamics are solid, powerful and authoritative. The midrange is rich, complex and highly believable,” says Grado. “Its top-end seems to extend forever with speed and remarkable delicacy. Imaging is detailed and precise with a sound stage that wraps its arms around you and draws you into the music.”