This new device will make your vinyl sound better without touching it




Remove static from your records with Furutech’s SK-Filter.

There are many ways to improve the sound of your vinyl without overhauling your set-up. Plenty of them involve a set of cheap and easy cleaning methods that will rid your grooves of dust and static. However, these all work by applying some sort of pressure to the records. Not so, the Sk-Filter.

Designed by Japanese cables and accessories brand Furutech, their newest device promises to discharge an static from your records without even touching them.

Given that static builds up on the record as it’s playing and can interfere with its sound, the Sk-Filter removes the static at source, using a patented material called Thunderon (a fine acrylic fibre chemically bonded with copper sulphide) to skim the static off your record as it spins.

Sitting a couple of millimetres above the record, the resulting filament is able to discharge static electricity into the air whenever it approaches, with the aim to reduce any potential surface noise.

However, such immaculate cleaning doesn’t come cheap, with the Furutech SK-Filter now available at £350. [via What Hi-Fi]

There are of course a range of cheaper options out there to keep your records clean and sounding clear, which you can find here.

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