Fluance unveils new series of ‘Reference’ turntables



The affordable turntable maker shares four new models.

Canadian hi-fi company Fluance has unveiled four new models of what it’s calling ‘Reference Series High Fidelity Turntables’.

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Stepping up from its RT81 model, the new RT82, RT83, RT84 and RT85 decks hope to offer more bang for your buck, each fitted with an S-shaped tonearm equipt with Ortofon cartridges – the Ortofon Super OM 10 on the RT82, the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge on the RT83 and RT84, and Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge on the RT85.

Each deck is belt-driven, with drive and plinth kept at a safe distance to avoid any unwanted intefrrence in playback, while an optical sensor looks to keep the platter spinning consistently within a few hundredths of a percent.

The plinths are made of MDF with a high-gloss veneer, giving each deck a classy finish that punches above its price range, while the platter you’ll get depends on which model you plump for. The cheaper RT82 and RT83 decks come with a metal platter, while the pricer RT84 and RT85 feature an acyrlic platter.

Priced to reflect the build and cartridge quality of each deck, Fluance’s new Reference Series comes in at $299 for the RT82, $349 for the RT83, $449 for the RT84 and $499 for the RT85.

While the audiphile tag Fluance is keen to give these decks may be over-egged – and ‘reference’ turntables are usually reserved for the highest end – the value for money of the RT81 certainly warrants a closer look at these new models.

Available in black and walnut finishes, you can find out more here.