Finders Keepers founder Andy Votel details new obscure, pre-pop reissues label Cacophonic



The latest edition to the Finders Keepers family, Cacophonic comes “from a place before pop exists, by artists who wanted to change the world and genuinely believed they could.”

Going some way to appeasing Votel’s ambition to found a free-jazz and noise label, Cacophonic will go even deeper than fellow imprints B-Music and Twisted Nerve to unearth what Votel calls “an alternative universe” of musicians and dreamers. The record label equivalent to an eclectic, sometimes challenging but always riveting curiosity shop, Cacophonic, as the name suggests, will push loyal Finders Keppers fans to their limits.

Speaking to FACT magazine, Votel described the motivation behind starting the new imprint, drawing on accumulated material that was deemed “too risky” for Finders Keepers in the early days. It seems we, the audience are now ready.

He goes on to describe the connection between the records Cacophonic will put out, with Michel Magne’s “part radical manifesto, part pantomime” raising the curtain: “Many of these records are from a jazz background but veer in to other disciplines like ballet and fine art which were some of the most vibrant outlets for experimental music before the rise of rock and pop culture.”

With further releases of experimental Belgian composer Karel Goeyvaerts and maverick instrument maker Harry Partch bolstering its early index, Cacophonic is shaping up as one of the most daring and unique labels around. It don’t sound half bad.

Read the full interview with Andy Votel on FACT here and listen to Harry Partch’s magnificently titled “The Romancing Of A Pathological Liar Comes To An Inspired End” below: