Feast your eyes on this online archive of multi-coloured vinyl



Who knew that 9″ splatter vinyl was even a thing?

While the arguments about the merits of coloured vinyl will rage on into the night, every so often it’s worth taking a step back to just look at the bleeding things. Developed by one Birtalan Laszlo, a new site has appeared dedicated to the visual delights and optical trickery of the coloured vinyl record.

With the archive of over a thousand growing by the day, it’s not only one of the most extensive online collections of coloured records we’ve come across, it’s also far and away the most attractively designed, allowing you to search by colour, size, genre, style, artist, label and release year and then order direct from Discogs.

Also featuring picture discs – Nirvana and Public Enemy to name a few – collectors items and special pressings, it’s a nifty little tool for anyone interested in the creative possibilities of pressing to wax.

Explore the archive here and watch this slideshow of the first 1,000 records in the archive below.