Erica Synths unveils EMS Synthi AKS-inspired instrument, the SYNTRX



An all-analogue synthesizer, that pays homage to one of the most iconic synths of the ’70s.

Latvian company Erica Synths has taken inspiration from the classic EMS Synthi AKS for its latest instrument, SYNTRX.

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As the company explains, the SYNTRX isn’t a clone of the AKS, but an all-analogue synthesizer “developed from scratch” with a user interface inspired by the 1970s synth including its famous patch pin matrix.

On the SYNTRX, the patch matrix is digitally controlled, and features a 256-patch memory as well as automatic patch switching in performance mode or via MIDI messages.

SYNTRX’s sound engine features three VCOs that track over eight octaves, noise generator with ‘color’ filter, ring modulator, resonant VCF, spring reverb and looping envelope generator. It also includes features not found on the AKS, such as a sample and hold circuit with individual clock and MIDI that accepts CV, gate and modulation wheel messages.

Head here for more info in advance of its winter 2019 release.