The history of electronic instruments goes on display in Berlin



From Theremins to modular synths.

A new exhibition collecting the most iconic electronic instruments of the last 100 years has opened in Berlin, Groove reports.

The first major exhibition of its kind on Germany, Good Vibrations features a range of era-defining instruments, from the early Theremin developed in ’20s Russia, to the Trautonium, an early monophonic electronic instrument invented around 1929 by Friedrich Trautwein in Berlin.

Then there’s the collection of iconic synthesizers, the Fairlight CMI, Buchla music easel and EMS VCS 3 among several on display that shaped the sound of contemporary music. Alongside the vintage analogue gear, there will also be a selection of prototypes for new inventions on display.

Featuring workshops and opportunities to play a selection of the instruments on display, Good Vibrations runs from 25th March to 25th June at State Institute for Music Research at Tiergarten 1, Ben-Gurion-Straße, 10785 Berlin, Germany.