Egyptian shaabi re-imagined on new compilation, This is Cairo Not The Screamers



Featuring contemporary Cairo artists Nadah El-Shazly, 3Phaz, Youssef Abouzeid, KZLK, 1127, 3Phaz, ABADIR, and more.

A new compilation of Egyptian shaabi interpretations, called This is Cairo Not The Screamers, has been released by Nashazphone.

Shaabi – which translates to ‘of the people’ – is a music genre that emerged in Cairo durinng the 1970s, and was used to express the frustrations and struggles of life in Egypt at the time.

This is Cairo Not The Screamers sees contemporary Cairo artists putting their own take on the genre, featuring ABADIR, 1127, 3Phaz, ZULI, KZLK, Nadah El-Shazly, and Youssef Abouzeid.

It follows the labels release of Valerie Smith’s We’re Depressed album, last year.

Order This is Cairo Not The Screamers here, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. ABADIR – 2030
2. 1127 – Gharbala 2020
3. 3Phaz – Babababababawar
4. ZULI – Etay El Baroud
5. KZLK – Abo Waleed
6. Nadah El-Shazly – Sekket El Amwal
7. Youssef Abouzeid – Drpapgad