Duster head to space with 25th anniversary reissue of Stratosphere





Revisit the slowcore classic.

Duster’s debut album, Stratosphere, is getting a 25th anniversary release from Numero Group on September 29.

To celebrate the reissue, Numero Group will launch a copy of Stratosphere into space with footage shared on its release date.

The slowcore group released Stratosphere in 1998, before going on a 18-year hiatus following their 2000 sophomore album Contemporary Movement. More recently, cuts “Inside Out” and “Constellations” have gone viral on TikTok, igniting a resurgence of the group to coincide with their fourth record Together that was released last year.

The foil-stamped and numbered vinyl editions will be pressed on 180g vinyl, and come with a lyric sheet and poster.

Stratosphere (25th Anniversary Edition) is available to pre-order on black, “Inside Out” and Constellations Splatter vinyl, ahead of its September 29 release.


1. Moon Age
2. Heading For The Door
3. Gold Dust
4. Topical Solution
5. Docking The Pod
6. The Landing
7. Constellations
8. The Queen Of Hearts

9. Two Way Radio
10. Inside Out
11. Stratosphere
12. Reed To Hillsborough
13. Shadows Of Planes
14. Earth Moon Transit
15. The Twins / Romantica
16. Sideria