Watch a dusk-till-dawn field recording by Chris Watson



“Beginning in the magical ambience of the gloaming, through arcane animal activity of the short summer night.”

Isolation Room is streaming a 9-hour dusk-til-dawn field recording from Chris Watson, called The Sylvan Space, from Friday 12th June through Saturday 13th.

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Travelling to the Holystone Oak Woodland in Northumberland National Park earlier this Month, Watson recorded for 9 hours from dusk until dawn, subsequently capturing the sounds of roe deer, fluttering bat wings, bird songs and more.

“In the golden hour of evening light I fixed my favourite microphone array under a stand of ancient oaks and recorded in a surround format throughout the night and across the dawn,” explains Watson.

“I gathered a continuous long form piece within the woodland of stillness, drama and song as the night flowed into sunrise.”

Founded by John Best and David Sheppard, Isolation Room is a YouTube channel committed to highlighting binaural recordings during ongoing Coronavirus lockdowns.

The Sylvan Space will be streamed from 9:30pm GMT on Friday 12th June, through to 6am on Saturday 13th June via  Isolation Room’s YouTube channel.