Drumtalk shares intergalactic mix featuring Pharaoh Sanders, Sun Ra and Dorothy Ashby



A jazz, soul and electronic journey through the astral plane.

To celebrate his ‘Out of the Blackness, Into the Blue’ 12” – released on Caroline True Records for Matt Sewell’s A Crushing Glow Presents Series – London producer Drumtalk has crafted a new hour-long mix.

Opening with beautifully cosmic, aquatic disco B-side ‘The Celestial Garden’, it includes a selection of spiritually uplifting tracks like ‘Harvest Time’ and ‘Soul Vibrations’, as well as A-side ‘Out of the Blackness, Into the Blue’.

Limited to 500 copies, the 12” is available on blue “colour in colour” vinyl and comes with a phenakistiscope print designed by Sewell. A phenakistiscope is a static print designed to give the illusion that it is an animation.

‘Out of the Blackness, Into the Blue’ follows releases like Drumtalk’s excellent ‘Time / Magnetic’ 10″ on Huntley & Palmers, and Airborne EP on Soundway.

Head here to order the 12”, and check out the mix track list below.


1. DrumTalk – The Celestial Garden (A Crushing Glow)
2. Moondog – Untitled (Honest Jon’s)
3. Khan/Lal/Gor – Morning Raga (EMI)
4. Don Cherry – Malkauns (A&M)
5. Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane – Earth (Milestone)
6. Paul McCartney – Darkroom Edit (Columbia)
7. Andy Bey – Tune Up (Atlantic)
8. Mahavishnu Orchestra – You Know You Know (CBS)
9. Son Of Spirit – The Other Song (Mercury)
10. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Rare Things Grow (Western Vinyl)
11. Holden – Self Playing Schmaltz (Border Community)
12. Sun Ra – Lanquidity (Philly Jazz)
13. Pharaoh Sanders – Harvest Time (India Navigation Company)
14. Soft Machine – Out-Bloody-Rageous (CBS)
15. DrumTalk – Out of the Blackness, Into the Blue (A Crushing Glow)
16. Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations (Cadet)
17. Alice Coltrane – Galaxy In Satchidananda (Impulse)
18. Cluster – Rosa (Lilith)