DJ Kool Herc’s soundsystem auctioned for over £170,000





The sale also included a self-portrait, a disco ball, records, and a necklace.

Hip-hop legend DJ Kool Herc’s soundsystem has been sold at auction for over £170,000 by Christie’s.

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The soundsystem was Herc’s main set up used in the mid-70s and ’80s, featuring two Technics Sl-1100a turntables, a Gli 3880 mixer, a Mcintosh Mc-2300 stereo amp, and two speaker cabinets.

While the auction house estimated it would sell for between £85,000 to £127,000, the bidding exceeded expectations and reached £171,385.

Other items in the auction included a painted self-portrait, a disco ball, a collection of 50 records, photographs, and even a necklace with two 45 rpm adaptors.

Overall, the lot went for a grand total of £723,500.

Head to Christie’s website to check out the full collection.

All images courtesy of Christie’s.