You can now become a DJ in virtual reality



Because nothing replicates the joy of vinyl like a remote control.

This new app lets you DJ with records in virtual reality.

According to the company, “Vinyl Reality is the first DJ mixing application that accurately recreates a traditional DJ setup in virtual reality.”

From the looks of the demo video, two controllers will be used to replicate the ‘feel’ of browsing and changing VR records, dropping the needle, beat matching, and adjusting levels on your very own 2-channel mixer.

“Developed in Berlin, the European capital of electronic music, with feedback from professional DJs, Vinyl Reality aims to provide an accurate and realistic simulation of DJing with vinyl inside virtual reality,” says the company.

The software features, “two accurately modelled turntables with realistic behaviour; 2-channel DJ mixer with per channel EQ, PFL and gain; record case to browse and load your own audio tracks (mp3); unique virtual headphones system to preview cued channels; accurate and intuitive motion controls.”

It also includes “separate audio output for live streams or performances”, and the ability to “record and export your mixes to wave files”. (Presumably .wav files.)

Vinyl Reality is available in January 2018 via EntroPi Games. Head here for more info.

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