DIY vinyl recorder lets you cut your own records at home



As we’re constantly being reminded, the role of the record shop is slowly being eroded. While the seriously home-made Vinylrecorder T-560 is unlikely to have sellers (and labels for that matter) quivering in their boots, it does finally offer armchair vinyl entrepreneurs the opportunity to cut their own records in the solitary comfort of their own living rooms.

A fully functioning record-making machine, the Vinylrecorder T-560 came to our attention via this year’s Wired SXSW Liveblog, which suggests that all your need is your own record player, a blank disc and a format from which you want to cut your record and you’re good to go. However, further inspection of, the manufacturer’s seriously suspect looking website, suggests to us you might want to enquire further before parting with the €3200 the vinyl recorder will set you back.

Although the even less assuring “Made in Germany – No cheat” tagline on their homepage is unlikely to assuage your doubts, the idea itself, at least, is a nice one. Likewise, although the finished product looks like it was assembled in a garage with bits of Meccano and several tubes of UHU, these seem like extraordinary lengths to go to in order to scam what, let’s face it, is already a niche market.

So, for the “Highest Volume!”, the “Deepest Grooves!” and the “Best (or only) Price!” have a look at and judge for yourself. First person to convert their entire iTunes library onto vinyl with one of these, please let us know. Alternatively, just buy the records in the first place.