Discwoman and Allergy Season release 27-track compilation, Physically Sick 3



Featuring Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, DJ Bone, Anz, MoMA Ready and more.

Discwoman and Allergy Season have released the third edition of the Physically Sick series – Physically Sick 3 –raising money for Equality For Flatbush.

“Techno, house, and all the sounds at the root of electronic dance music, are born from Black communities. Dance music can only be sustained by an inclusive joy for the marginalized and the dispossessed,” states the label.

Curated by Discwoman’s Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson and Umfang alongside Physical Therapy, the compilation features Anz, SHYBOI, MoMA Ready, Dreamcrusher, AceMo, Umfang, CCL, AYA, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Savile, Pent, KMRU, Low Jack, OSSX, KIMIKO, Davis Galvin, DJ Bone, Physical Therapy, SYANIDE, BEARCAT, Special Request, Venetta, Olive T, DJ SWISHA, Korea Town Acid, Surgeon, and DJ Python.

Physically Sick 3 is raising funds for Equality For Flatbush, which aims to fight against racist policing policies and gentrification in Brooklyn.

Head here to purchase a copy of Physically Sick, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Anz – Body + Mind
2. SHYBOI – Eat That
3. MoMA Ready – Portal Step
4. Dreamcrusher – Vitality
5. AceMo – I Feel Like Dying (Phenomenon Mix)
6. UMFANG – Angel Beat
7. CCL – Tachyon Frog
8. AYA – a fflash gun for a ffiver
9. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – Gravitational Pull
10. Savile – You Will Be A Maker Of A Better World
11. Pent – intra7
12. KMRU – Oloolua
13. Low Jack – Skin Riddim
15. KIMIKO – Early Reflections
16. Davis Galvin – Erlo
17. DJ Bone – E.T. Brother
18. Physical Therapy – Pig
21. Special Request – Wallabies
22. Venetta – Black Paradox
23. Olive T – What Comes After
24. DJ SWISHA – Stardawg
25. Korea Town Acid – Body Clock
26. Surgeon – A Prayer For Something Better
27. DJ Python – 7000