Discogs steps up record store database VinylHub



“Just imagine the immersive experience possibilities.”

Last year Discogs launched second project VinylHub, with the aim of documenting every physical record shop in the world. Billed as Discogs for record shops, it’s another a user-generated database with collectors contributing and rating stores.

Now VinylHub has been relaunched to include record fairs, events and pop-up stores as well as former shops of note. The site was also recently updated to be location-aware.

“Just imagine the immersive experience possibilities,” Discogs’ Chief Operating Officer Chad Dahlstrom recently told us. “Let’s say, you happen to stop by Portland, what might happen is that you get a notification which says, ‘Hey there’s a record show on Saturday and here’s the location.’ That kind of real time effect is intriguing as an option.”

Despite the upgrades, the site itself maintains the minimal, database interface we saw previously.

In other Discogs news, the site will launch a new app for iOs and Android in the new year – read our interview with Discogs for the complete rundown.