Detroit techno producer Kyle Hall waxes lyrical about the virtue of limited edition vinyl




“I think people like having something exclusive and special.”

In a great new feature by XLR8R, the enigmatic son of Detroit Kyle Hall has opened up about the craze for limited edition vinyl and the Discogs touts that bulk buy to re-sell at inflated prices.

Speaking of his Wild Oats label, which has made a name for itself among quick-fingered dance music collectors for their 10-copy runs of 5″ and 7″ releases, Hall explains that “doing these limited releases is a great way to keep people engaged and having fun with buying records, and learning more about the artists.”

While he admits that “as a vinyl label, you have to come up with more creative ways to keep people engaged with what you’re doing at all times”, the reality that vinyl is exploited as a promotional tool is complimented by the fact that “people like having something exclusive and special.”

Speaking of the phenomenon we’ve seen grow in the wake of Record Store Day this year in which special editions are snapped up to be resold online, Hall was magnanimous:

“I think its just a reflection of the increase in demand for underground dance vinyl these days. In some ways, it’s great because now more people are into it, and that means more quality records will be coming out and are more likely to be pressed in greater quantity. I know some people gripe about the high prices, but that’s part of what makes this hobby of collecting records special, the fact that records are not things we consider to be disposable in the way so many things are today. Records are like art, and I’m glad more people appreciate that now.”

Head over to XLR8R for the full piece, which includes interviews with Dan Lurinsky of Rubadub Records in Glasgow, Tusk Wax, Red D of Belgian label We Play House, Gerd Jansen and Hieroglyphic Being.

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