Derrick Carter is selling his rare studio gear, with synths, drum machines and more



“This shop isn’t a dream state — it’s for real.”

Producer and DJ Derrick Carter is selling a selection of rare studio gear from his collection, including synthesizers, drum machines and controllers.

Aiming to ‘de-bulk’ his studio, the 59-item sale includes a Roland TB-303, a Moog Minimoog Voyager Signature Edition, a Technics SX-WSA1R Synthesizer, a Roland TR-909 drum machine once used by Jeff Mills in a live show, an AKAI MPC-3000, and the Yamaha DX7IIFD synth Carter used on his 2012 album Squaredancing in a Roundhouse.

“I was a completist. I collected things, and my idea was to complete these collections and then have an original one — the OEM one—and then one that’s the ultra-modded one, and then levels of varying degrees in between, as if I was some kind of museum curator,” Carter shares.

“I want my life to be less cluttered, less incidental, less interstitial, just more intuitive to who I am now. Think of me as a monk or a nun — I’m going to let go of all this stuff before I go on my journey of a thousand miles.”

Head here to check out the shop, and watch Carter walk through highlights from the sale below.