Dego fuses techno, boogie and jazz on new LP, The Negative Positive





Plus elements of soul.

Dego is releasing a new album, titled The Negative Positive, via his own 2000black label this April.

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Across the album’s nine tracks Dego brings together a mixture of techno, boogie, soul and jazz to demonstrate “the benefit of defeat,obstacles and a straight NO.”

The Negative Positive features vocal contributions from Nadine Charles, Obenewa, and Samii.

It follows his Too Much album in 2019, also on 2000black.

Pre-order The Negative Positive here in advance of its 30th April release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Stained With The Tears On Their Faces
2. Is It The Whole Truth
3. This Is A MessageTo You
4. The Negative Positive
5. What’s Good For You
6. Recovered Memories
7. She Is Virgo
8. What’s An Inferiority Complex
9. The Disclaimer