Deena Abdelwahed reimagines club music on second album, Jbal Rrsas




Deena Abdelwahed

Seven tracks of bass, techno and experimental. 

Deena Abdelwahed will release her second album via InFiné this September.

Jbal Rrsas will follow the Tunisian producer’s excellent debut album Khonnar, which dropped back in 2018. The album comprises seven tracks across bass, techno and experimental music.

See an introduction to Jbal Rrsas below.

Abdelwahed consulted with Tunisian composer and multi-instrumentalist Khalil Epi, and Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist and composer Khyam Allami while working on the release. A press statement for the album describes it as “the next chapter of a reimagining of what club music could be”.

You can pre-order Jbal Rrsas on black vinyl now ahead of its September 8 release date.



1. _مفتاح الفرج _ The Key To The Exit
2. _ كل يوم _ Each day
3. _ ستة زيت _ Six as oil
4. _ نغنغة _ Complain
5. _ عنف مجاني _ Violence for free
6. _ ساذج _ Naive
7. _ يا شبه جزيرة _ Pre Island