Death Waltz to release Blair Witch soundtrack on vinyl

Death Waltz to release Blair Witch soundtrack on vinyl




Lost in the woods.

Death Waltz, Mondo and Lakeshore Records have partnered for a vinyl release of the soundtrack to 2016 found footage horror flick Blair Witch.

Directed by Adam Wingard, the film is the third in the Blair Witch series and a direct sequel to 1999’s smash hit The Blair Witch Project. Though the latest sequel has been a box office and critical flop, the soundtrack might just be its saving grace.

Scored by Wingard himself and electronic producer Robert Rich, the release is a one-time run of 1,000 units, pressed on 180-gram “Black As Night” vinyl. The artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin is housed inside a 425gsm sleeve.

Find the artwork and tracklist below and place orders here.

Blair Witch

Side A
Black Hills Forest
Rustin Parr
Camp Fire
Panic Attack
Blair Witch
Lane and Talia

Side B
The Project
Invocation Of Evil
No Trespassing
The House In The Woods

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