Live electronics meet cowboy noir on David Behrman's collaborative 1981 LP She's More Wild…





Exploring “cannibal pioneers”, western film tropes, and self-help culture.

David Behrman, Paul DeMarinis, Fern Friedman, Terri Hanlon, and Anne Klingensmith’s collaborative 1981 LP, She’s More Wild…  has been released in full for the first time, via Black Truffle.

The album began as a “western performance noir” art piece, focusing on a series of clichéd roles – The Recording Artist, The Former Movie Star, and The Rancher – comically recited by female narrators.

She’s More Wild… also includes references to the Donner party cannibals, and offers satirical interpretations of self-help culture, spanning from spoken monologues to country and western waltz.

The album was recorded at Mills College in 1981, and self-released as a 3 track 7″.

Black Truffle’s release of She’s More Wild… marks the LP’s full-length debut.

Head here for more info, and check out the tracklist below


1. ¿Dónde Está the Donner Party?
2. How Many Contracts do I Have, Linda?
3. Cannibal Cowgirl
4. How Many Fur Coats do I Have, Edith?
5. Archetypal Unitized Seminar
6. Gold Rush Epilogue
7. How Many Head o’ Cattle Do I Have, Sally?
8. I Feel Like a Martian
9. Japanese Disease
10. I’m Hungry
11. You Pay Rent on your Brain