Cut your own records with this DIY vinyl recorder



DIY record cutter showcased at SXSW.

We may have given it a somewhat short shrift first time around, but appearing at SXSW festival in Austin, Texas for the second year running, the DIY record cutter Vinylrecorder T-560 is capturing the imagination once again. Set up like a normal record player in reverse, the device, for all its make-shift charm, gives you the opportunity to cut your own records from CD or MP3, potentially allowing you to rebuild your entire iTunes library with one-of-a-kind home-cut dubplates.

Like the original Neumann cutting lathes – which remain the industry standard – the Vinylrecorder was developed over three decades ago and works on a simplified premise; the diamond stylus used to cut the record in real-time via the sonic vibrations from the source music. [via Motherboard]

Priced at about $4000, you can find out a little more about the vinyl recorder and enquire about purchasing your own on their own suitably DIY website here.

With functioning cutting lathes in notoriously short supply, you can see why this nifty little piece of kit might appeal to boutique labels and recording studios keen on producing their own limited vinyl release runs. Either that or we’ll mention it briefly again on 12th March 2015 when it steels the show at SXSW once more.

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