Sound artist Cucina Povera and producer Haron collaborate on new LP



“Fusing the folkloric and futurist.”

Cucina Povera and Haron have helmed the latest instalment of BAKK’s Plafond series – Plafond 6 – out this March.

Marking their first collaboration, the album sees Cucina Povera’s otherworldly vocals weaving through haunting strings, cathedral-esque organs and foggy ambient backdrops.

Plafond 6 is comprised of one 22-minute collaborative compositions, alongside a solo track from both Cucina Povera and Haron respectively.

Plafond 6 marks the 6th release in BAKK’s Plafond series of split and collaborative LPs, following Zoë McPherson and Rupert Clervaux’s Palfond 5.

Head here for more info in advance of Plafond 6’s 30th March release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Riffittelyä I
2. Riffittelyä II
3. Riffittelyä III
4. Haron – Maandag, Spiegeldag
5. Cucina Povera – Ajatus