Create your own vinyl crackle background noise with this app




Because life doesn’t have enough surface noise.

Do you feel anxious when music isn’t accompanied by the warm, reassuring crackle of needle on wax? Then this app could be for you. Ostensibly the Dust ‘n Scratches Vinyl Crackle Background Noise Generator is aimed at producers keen to give their digital recordings an analogue feel, or “increase the perceived sound quality of your poor recordings by adding frequencies and transients that are missing.”

A damning indictment of the digital realm this may be, but much more than that, the online app, with its ten layers of fuzz, could be your answer to the (ahem) deafening silence of modern life. You can even choose between differing levels of ‘Needle’, ‘Scratch’, ‘Dust’ and ‘Hiss’, each of which have their own character, to create your perfect vinyl background noise.

Stick your headphones on and click here to give it a whirl.