Eris Drew’s Ecstatic Editions is launching with a Ciel vinyl anthology





The first release from Eris Drew’s Ecstatic Editions label.

Eris Drew’s new record label, Ecstatic Editions, has announced an anthology release of work by Ciel.

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The anthology, appropriately titled Ciel – Ecstatic Editions Vol. 1, will include three tracks from The Trojan Horse EP, compilation contributions, a collaboration with D. Tiffany and remixes for LAL, Cuushe and Off The Meds. All of these tracks were previously unavailable on vinyl.

According to a press release, Ciel’s work “was the impetus” for Ecstatic Editions, which is focused on releasing special vinyl editions and archival releases.

Ciel – Ecstatic Editions Vol. 1 is available as a vinyl-only release. Pre-order it now ahead of the May 5 release date.


Side A:
1. Ciel – Galapagos
2. Ciel – Hope Breaks

Side B:
1. Off the Meds – Wena (Ciel Remix)
2. Ciel – Za Sui

Side C:
1. Psychedelic Budz – Deep Space Rubdown
2. Ciel – Koala Bounces

1. Ciel – Le Fleuve
2. LAL – End Of This World Together (Ciel’s Moebius Trip)
3. Cuushe – Beautiful (Ciel’s Inner Beauty Remix)