Cellist Patrick Belaga mixes electronics with field recordings on Blutt



Woven together with cello, violin and panpipe, to create “a sound that’s both contemporary and ancient.”

Composer and cellist Patrick Belaga is releasing a new album called Blutt, via PAN this April.

The album’s nine tracks were inspired by unidentified music Belaga heard whilst on a road trip in the Gallipoli peninsula.

Blutt subsequently aims to fuse “organic instrumentals and electronic production into a sound that’s both contemporary and ancient,” drawing on field recordings, panpipes, cello and violin.

It follows PAN’s release of Eartheater’s ambient version of her 2020 album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, called Phoenix: La Petite Mort Édition.

Pre-order Blutt here in advance of its 2nd April release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Lilt (w/ Kai Kight)
2. Sigh
3. The Tunnel Is A Tower (w/ Riley Watts)
4. Grey Eye (w/ Jazmin Romero)
5. Momentum (w/Kai Kight)
6. Rust
7. Unsoft (w/Kai Kight)
8. Burned
9. Slowly