Caterina Barbieri collects Buchla 200 recordings on Born Again In The Voltage LP



“Electronic sound poems.”

Modular synthesist Caterina Barbieri will release an album of Buchla 200 recordings, via Important Records this August.

Barbieri – who released her meditative Patterns of Consciousness LP last year – recorded Born Again In The Voltage at Stockholm’s renowned Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) between August 2014 and August 2015, with vocals and cello played by Antonello Manzo.

“It was only when I encountered the Buchla 200 synthesizer in 2013 that I started doing my own electronic music,” Barbieri told FACT of her experience with the legendary modular system in an interview published this week. “It really changed my life; it taught me a way of listening to sound that years of classical training never revealed”.

The album will arrive alongside a split LP with ELEH, also released via Important on the same day. It features two long-form pieces on each side the label describes as “electronic sound poems” that “slowly unfurl rich timbre and harmonics with an austere stillness that is, somehow, ever-changing.”

Both Born Again In The Voltage and the split LP will be available in standard black and coloured vinyl variants.

Pre-order the albums here head of their 10th August release, and listen to ‘How To Decode An Illusion’ – taken from Born Again In The Voltage.

Photo by Frank Zerban.