Orchestral reworking of Carl Craig classic ‘Sandstorms’ released on 12″

Orchestral reworking of Carl Craig classic ‘Sandstorms’ released on 12″



Includes new updated mix of the original.

Techno heavyweight Carl Craig and classical pianist Francesco Tristano are teaming up for a new collaborative project Versus, which will hear their work re-imagined with symphonic arrangements.

First up, it’s Carl Craig’s seminal 2004 track ‘Sandstorms’, originally released on the Another Day EP via his Planet E imprint.

Adaptated by Tristano and Les Siècles orchestra, under the guidance of Francois-Xavier Roth, the urgent rework of ‘Sandstorms’ is fierce and uncompromising, with jutting strings replace Craig’s space-age synths.

It comes off the back of a game-changing live performance with Les Siècles orchestra, Francois-Xavier Roth and German electronic artist Moritz von Oswald in 2008.

Released as a collaboration between The Vinyl Factory and InFiné, ‘Sandstorms’ also features a VCO Update mix of the original track on the B-side, and is pressed to azure blue vinyl.

Click here to order your copy and hear a teaser from the track below.

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