Carboncans claim to be the perfect headphones for vinyl lovers




Angle & Curve say their Carboncans offer “perfect sound dynamics for vinyl lovers”.

British company Angle & Curve have set about creating a pair of headphones sensitive to the needs of vinyl fans, which push the full spectrum of sound rather than accentuating the low-end.

Made from a premium nylon/carbon compound in collaboration with “UK’s premium automotive sector”, Carboncans claim to address the sonic unbalance of other headphones: “Gone is the over-bearing bass and in comes a quality and refinement in sound across the full frequency range”.

Nabbing various production traits from the car industry – not least their “rubberized soft touch paint” – the headphones also use 40mm Mylar drivers in order to “reproduce deep, rich ‘vinyl’ tones”. What does this mean exactly? “In basics your music will be reproduced with a warm and rich sound that is “vibrant” and “colourful” at every frequency range, just like listening to vinyl.”

Originally starting out as a Kickstarter campaign, the headphones are hand-built in the UK and available to order now. [via What Hi-Fi]

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