Holy grail sci-fi dub LP Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol reissued on vinyl



Tradition’s cosmic rarity returns.

Originally released in 1980, Tradition’s long lost sci-fi dub opus Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol is finally getting a vinyl reissue courtesy of Bokeh Versions.

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Produced in North London, Tradition made a conscious effort to turn the dub tradition inside out, using early Roland samplers to fuse spacious, echo-laden synth scapes onto jazzy improvisations. So otherworldly was their sound the BBC even approached Tradition to record the Dr. Who soundtrack, although the collaboration never materialised.

A truly unique record forgotten among Tradition’s more successful RCA outings, the originals now fetch upwards of £300 on the second-hand market.

While first pressings are already out of stock in most places, a repress is due in June. Keep tabs on developments on the Bokeh Versions Bandcamp.