Buy vinyl records for 10 cents a pound at this online record shop





Vinyl by weight.

Chicago’s Dusty Groove is now bulk selling “very low-end” vinyl records at a super cheap rate.

Not necessarily intended for crate diggers, this unsorted stock is aimed at those looking to creatively recycle records – like those filling up shelves for a film shoot, or artists into vinyl destruction, or even, as Dusty Groove write, for pretenders hoping to “fill up some empty crates so that you look like a digger”.

The records have all followed the path through the regular racks in-store and the Bargain Basement into this new bulk sale area. As you might expect, some of the stock is defected and some have damaged covers.

Dusty Groove is selling this raw stock for 10 cents per pound — plus any additional costs for shipping (or sales tax if you’re in the state of Illinois).

If you’re interested contact the shop on 773-342-5800 or [email protected]

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