Brian Eno’s 1995 diary and essays book published in 25th anniversary edition



Chronicling everything from working with David Bowie to his theories on the role of the artist.

Brian Eno’s diary and essays collection from the ’90s – A Year with Swollen Appendices, is being published in a 25th anniversary edition, via Faber this November.

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Eno began to chronicle his life throughout 1995, touching on everything from working with David Bowie to using SSEYO’s Koan Pro software to create generative music.

Split into two parts, the second half of A Year with Swollen Appendices features a collection of essays, with Eno ruminating on the true role of the artist, the generative and ambient music he pioneered, as well as commentaries on his daily life and the world around him.

Originally published by Faber in 1996, the 25th anniversary edition includes a new introduction by Eno.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of A Year with Swollen Appendices’ 19th of November publication, and check out the cover below.