Breaking Bad soundtrack to get picture disc vinyl release

Breaking Bad soundtrack to get picture disc vinyl release




Black crack.

Highly addictive and potentially disruptive to your social life, personal relationships and financial security, the parallels between records, methamphetamine and watching Breaking Bad are uncanny. News then that the soundtracking of the misadventures of Walter White is to be released on vinyl should send a clammy shiver of recognition down the spines of sofa-bound record junkies around the world.

As Modern Vinyl report, an Instagram photo posted by All Welcome Records and Travis Peacock of Hot Topic has surfaced, revealing the high-grade picture disc in all its moreish glory. Exclusive to Hot Topic, there isn’t so much as a sniff of a tracklisting for the 2xLP yet, although we can safely assume it will be the best soundtrack we’ve ever heard, except maybe The Wire’s. [Via Modern Vinyl]

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