Bowie’s 7″ singles displayed in John Peel Archive

Bowie’s 7″ singles displayed in John Peel Archive




John Peel’s rare and unique collection of David Bowie singles are added to the late broadcaster, DJ and tastemaker’s extraordinary online archive.

From “Liza Jane” released on Decca in 1964 to “Jump They Say” from 1993, Peel’s Bowie singles collection is typically exhaustive, with close to 60 7″‘s now archived and available for browsing on the site. [via FACT]

The online John Peel Archive has been growing steadily, and following its relaunch earlier this year after the first stage of funding ended, work has been focussed on sifting through Peel’s 40,000 singles, with David Bowie inaugurating the “B” section.

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