Beninese girl crew Star Feminine Band merge sato, highlife and rumba on debut album





Aged between 10 and 17, the seven-member-group addresses themes of equality, empowerment and female genital mutilation.

All-girl Beninese crew Star Feminine Band are releasing their self-titled debut album, via Born Bad Records this November.

Aged between 10 and 17, Star Feminine Band features Angélique Balaguemon on drums/vocals, Julienne Sayi on bass guitar, Marguerite Kpetekout on drums, Grâce Marina Balaguemon on keyboard/vocals, Anne Sayi on electric guitar, Urrice Borikapei on percussion/vocals, and Sandrine Ouei on keyboard.

The group came together after they responded to a local radio station’s advert inviting girls to participate in a series of free music training sessions.

“Women have to make music because it enables them to be emancipated from men,” shares Borikapei.

For their debut album, the band incorporate elements of highlife, garage rock, Congolese rumba, Beninese sato, and psychedelia as they address themes of equality, empowerment and female genital mutilation.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Star Feminine Band’s 13th November release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Peba
2. Rew Be Me
3. Femme Africaine
4. Montealla
5. La Musique
6. Idesouse
7. Iseo
8. Timtitu