BBE raid the Library Archives for new comp of TV and radio instrumentals



From dramatic soundtracks to proto hip-hop.

DJ and producer Mr Thing and WhoSampled’s Chris Read unearth library music from Cavendish’s archives, in a new compilation from BBE out this November.

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The Library Archive – From The Vaults Of Cavendish Music is a collection of 23 tracks drawn from the company’s archives by the crate digging duo.

“During the Library Music heyday of the ’60s and ’70s, thousands of original instrumental tracks were produced across a broad range of genres for companies like Cavendish, who then created vinyl and tape collections, often arranged by theme or mood, for their customers in radio, television and film,” says BBE.

The recordings span everything “from dramatic big band numbers reminiscent of Lalo Schifrin’s film scores to atmospheric proto-hip hop instrumentals produced before the genre’s existence, right through to fairly straightforward jazz and funk cuts.”

Pre-order a copy of The Library Archive – From The Vaults Of Cavendish Music here ahead of its 13th November 2017 release, check out the cover art and track list below.


Side A

A1. Sound Studio Orchestra – Southbound
A2. Sound Studio Orchestra – Snowmobile
A3. The Cavendish Orchestra – Funkrund
A4. Unknown Performer – Milky Way
A5. Unknown Performer – Star Voyage
A6. Unknown Performer – Kaleidoscope

Side B

B1. The New Dance Orchestra – The Trackers
B2. Sound Studio Set – Two Bars
B3. Sound Studio Set – The Scape Goat
B4. The Cavendish Orchestra – Riff-Raff
B5. The New Sounds – The Big Score
B6. The Latin American Orchestra – Come Cuban!

Side C

C1. Sound Studio Orchestra – The Rally
C2. The New Dance Orchestra – Pardon
C3. The New Dance Orchestra – Night Driver
C4. The New Dance Orchestra – Border Incident
C5. The New Dance Orchestra – Lady Killers

Side D

D1. The New Dance Orchestra – One Way Trip (Warm Version)
D2. The New Dance Orchestra – One Way Trip (Cool Version)
D3. The New Concert Orchestra – Night Shade (Long)
D4. The New Concert Orchestra – Night Shade (Short)
D5. The New Sounds – Smile of A Stranger
D6. The New Percussion Octet – Graphics Pt. 2

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