Artist and DJ Trevor Jackson to display microscopic images of vinyl grooves at new exhibition




Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever to open in Paris in March.

The culmination of four years work, artistic director Trevor Jackson is to exhibit a series of photographs at microscopic level of the grooves of vinyl records from his personal collection. Blown up to ‘super-human size’, the grooves take on an almost organic quality, more reminiscent of plant cells than the mechanical processes involved in their creation.

A visual representation of the sonic cracks, pops and hisses that makes each record unique, the records captured by Jackson have the added significance of of being among the most pioneering of modern music history, exploring the physical grooves of Public Enemy, Fingers Inc., The Beach Boys and Jean Michel Jarre, among others. Adapting the eye-piece used by mastering engineers to cut the original records, Jackson’s invasive camera captures music in its most elemental and abstract form.

As Dazed art critic Francesca Gavin explains: “This is an exhibition about imperfections. A show about how experience changes us and the objects and environment around us.”


Continuing Jackson’s long-held fascination between life at the intersection of art and music, as recently explored in his Richard Hamilton-inspired Palindrome evening at London’s ICA, a soundtrack for the show will be released on limited edition vinyl, with music built by Jackson from minuscule elements of the music on display.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever will open on 21st March and run until 16th May 2014 at 12Mail / Red Bull Space in Paris. Click here fore more info.

Last year Trevor Jackson collaborated with The Vinyl Factory to release a remix of Dinos Chapman’s flagship techno piece ‘Luftbobler’, which was released on Chapman’s follow-up EP LUV2H8.

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