Anteloper returns to International Anthem with Pink Dolphins





Jazz meets electronics, post-punk, and “sci-fi slow blues.”

Anteloper is releasing a new album — Pink Dolphins — via International Anthem this June.

Anteloper is formed of trumpeter Jaimie Branch and drummer/producer Jason Nazary, who first met in Boston during their late teens.

Across Pink Dolphins the pair merge electronics with jazz, post-punk, “sci-fi slow blues,” synths, and psychedelia.

“We’re improvisers first and we’re bringing ‘moment music’ into these other zones of hip-hop and electronic music, drum-machine music, sound-system culture … acoustic musicians sun-kissed by electro-magnetism, flowing out into everything,” shares Branch.

It follows Anteloper’s Tour Beats Vol.1 LP, which was also released on International Anthem.

Pre-order Pink Dolphins here in advance of its 17th June release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Inia
2. Delfin Rosado
3. Earthlings
4. Baby Bota Halloceanation
5. One Living Genus

Photo by: Peter Gannushkin