Anna Meredith creates music for dodgems on new album





Giving 18 bumper cars their own sonic identity.

Anna Merditih has released a new album of compositions for dodgems, called Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies for Dodgems, via Moshi Moshi Music.

The album has been designed to score Somerset House’s Dodge installation, which has seen a dodgem course set up in the courtyard.

Bumps Per Minute gives each one of the 18 dodgems its own musical identity. The cars are also fitted with tracking technology so that bumps and swerves can trigger different compositions.

Bumps Per Minute follows her Black Prince Fury and Jet Black Raider 12”s, both released via The Vinyl Factory / Moshi Moshi.

Order Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies for Dodgems here, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


2. BPM 100: lil’ Waltzer
3. BPM 144: Norcanoe
4. BPM 108: Family of Rats
5. BPM 178: Heartbreak Staircase
6. BPM 62: Ballad of the Sea
7. BPM 124: Deep Thought Panda
8. BPM 112: Dr. Bonesaw goes to Crete
9. BPM 130: Weeping Amstrad
10. BPM 200: out-of-control Pump
11. BPM 72: U.S.S. Seesaw
12. BPM 104: Hope everyone’s having a good time?
13. BPM 131: Joy Subdivision
14. BPM 110: Limping Haberdasher
15. BPM 109: Has anyone seen the cat?
16. BPM 101: Sandy Can’t Fly
17. BPM 194: Tom Cruise Runs
18. BPM 155: Owl Tinder
19. BPM 107: Pursued By Pigeon

Photo by: Persona Non Grata